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James 1

We begin a new book of the Bible today—James. James is one of my favorite Bible books. I participated in Bible quizzing on James as a teenager in IL, and coached Bible quizzers on James in IN and MN. More than half of the verses of this first chapter of James are underlined in my Bible.

James’ writing style differs from the author of Hebrews. He is blunt and forthright in his writing.

The author of James was most likely the son of Joseph and Mary, which made him the half-brother of Jesus. Interestingly, James and other family members did not initially accept the teaching of Jesus.

In Mark’s account of Jesus, we find these verses.

“He camehome, and thecrowd gathered again,to such an extent that they could not even eata meal. And whenHis ownpeople heardabout this, they came out to take custody of Him; for they were…

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