Our Shallow Perspective

Reasoned Cases For Christ

In hindsight, I probably shouldn’t have used the word “Tribulation” for yesterday’s post. Let me clarify that, I shouldn’t have used the word “Tribulation”. In actuality, it’s kind of embarrassing that I did. A lot of times these insights into what we can get worked up about, can provide us with an overview of where our heads and hearts are. It’s not pretty and it can be indicative of how quickly our surroundings and what we are used to, can affect our vision and our mindset.

We all have expectations on how we should be treated and appreciated and the standards that we have come to anticipate. But these expectations and standards aren’t level across the playing field for everyone, even within our own privileged society that we live in. We argue about whether we should get “the jab”, whereas there are many others in this world who would like…

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