Celebrating Life (John 9:24-34)

Life Meets Theology

How can you say “no” to that?!?

I will often say those words (or something similar) when I’m talking about the offer of life in Jesus because of His sacrifice on the cross and His resurrection. When I consider the offer of God through Jesus, how can anyone say “no” to that?

When you couple the Good News of Jesus with the changed life of someone, it blows my mind that anyone wouldn’t run to that.

For a few weeks, we’ve been working through John 9 and the story of Jesus healing a man who was born blind. Interestingly, the healing itself only took a few verses, but seeing all the responses comprises the vast majority of the chapter.

As we continue seeing the response, we pick it up in John 9:24-34.

A second time they summoned the man who had been blind. “Give glory to God by telling…

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