Holiday Hug


Hi guys! Just popping in to check on everyone in WordPress.

In the US we celebrated Thanksgiving Day on Thursday.

Our family is still social distancing and I worked the night before so we had something small and quiet. I didn’t take any family pictures but I did enjoy watching my daughters play and put up the Christmas 🎄 with my husband.

It’s been a rough year, but I have these little moments where I reflect. Moments, when I think I could have missed out on my children’s excitement and laughter, had I acted upon my depression in April. Maybe they wouldn’t be having ‘happy’ holidays had I lost the battle with my demons. It makes me teary eye and extra grateful for God’s love. I’m unworthy of it all ❤️.

I say this because holidays can be challenging for some, especially if you’re missing a loved one. But hold…

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