In the Garden of Eden You planted two trees, with fruit so divine and sweet.

One was given for eating, the other not so, but temptation the soul did defeat.

Man had fallen from grandeur to deepest despair, He needed redemption within.

So you gave him the purest –  the unblemished lamb – to take on the burden of sin.

When we travel to heaven, we’ll see that sweet fruit, that grows on the Tree of Life.

It will heal and restore us and give us new life – from troubles and pain and strife.

He will take us and lead us to pastures of green and still waters will He provide.

We’ll at last be united and joined with Him there – as His perfectly treasured bride.

As with most traditions, we have to go back several centuries to discover the origin of the Christmas Tree. In ancient cultures, the Romans, Egyptians and Druids…

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