“Surely the Master God does nothing Unless He reveals His secret counsel To His servants the prophets.” ~Amos

Jesus Quotes and God Thoughts

Our Father had a new plan for us. It wasn’t based on the old plan where sacrificing could cover up for us missing the goal that God has for us. Nope. No more “things to do” to be in the right standing. Now that is good news.

Jesus took care of all of that. Nothing left we can do to get right with God. Now Jesus has taken His seat of honor next to our Father. It is the seat of absolute perfection right alongside God. Not even angels have that kind of honor. Angels do have a special place with God.

    • Jesus is way above that.
    • Jesus is the faithful Son.
    • God celebrates what Jesus did for us.

May we celebrate Jesus, what he accomplished for us and His plan.

Here is the deal. We may not always know God’s plan, but He does. And He has one…

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