Faithlife Verse of the Day Luke 9:23 w/notes

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Luke 9:23 NET w/notes

A Call to Discipleship

9:23 Then81 he said to them all,82 “If anyone wants to become my follower,83 he must deny84 himself, take up his cross daily,85 and follow me.

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81tn Here δέ (de) has been translated as “then” to indicate the implied sequence of events within the narrative.
82sn Here them all could be limited to the disciples, since Jesus was alone with them in v. 18. It could also be that by this time the crowd had followed and found him, and he addressed them, or this could be construed as a separate occasion from the discussion with the disciples in 9:18–22. The cost of discipleship is something Jesus was willing to tell both insiders and outsiders about. The rejection he felt would also fall on his followers.
83tn Grk “to come after me.”
84tn This translation better expresses the force of the Greek third person imperative than the traditional “let him deny,” which could be understood as merely permissive.
85sn Only Luke mentions taking up one’s cross daily. To bear the cross means to accept the rejection of the world for turning to Jesus and following him. Discipleship involves a death that is like a crucifixion; see Gal 6:14.

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