Book Review: The Ministry

Herald of Grace Covenant Bible Church of Cavite

Charles J. Brown (2006).The Ministry: Addresses to Students of divinity. Banner Of Truth. You can purchase the book here.


This book by Charles J. Brown contains his addresses to his students of divinity in different periods. Reading the book, though it is not one of the best books on pastoral ministry available today, yet speaks of the indispensable prerequisite for a successful pastoral ministry, godliness.

Chapter 1 begins with the vital connection between godliness and the Christian ministry. Without making godliness the efficient ground of the ministry, he emphasizes that the Holy Spirit is the strength and the Scripture is the instrument of the ministry. Chapter 2 on Public Prayer, he dealt with the evil of prolonged prayer that might weary souls that leads to the end of devotions, and the beauty of short public prayers, mingled with Scriptures and prepared by a long private prayer…

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