The Nature of Epiphany

Steve A. Wiggins

Last year on January 6 we had an epiphany. Many of us thought, I suspect, that since the angry mob wanted to kill Republicans and Democrats both that their actions would be condemned unilaterally. Instead we learned that the Republican Party said, “Boys will be boys.” And of course boys like to kill things. A year later the GOP has stalwartly refused to condemn the attempt of a violent takeover of the government by a legitimately defeated candidate. If the other party tried this they’d be calling “treason.” We had an epiphany of a double-standard masquerading as evangelical Christianity. Now, instead of thinking of today as the Christian epiphany, well, wait a minute. Maybe that’s the epiphany we had—understanding what Christianity can become.

One of the tenets of democracy includes the freedom of religion. Studying ancient religion can be quite revealing. For one thing, we get a better idea of…

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