Winter Sunset

Blue Collar Theologian

Sunset. 7 January 2022. Photo taken by Mandy Sweigart-Quinn

Lord God, thank You that no matter what the day is like the sun always comes out to set. Lord God, thank You the sun sets in my location, You allow the sun to dawn elsewhere. Lord God, thank You that You are not chaotic nor disorderly. Thank You Lord that Your Word will never fade away, unlike the seasons. Thank You Lord that this world exists on Your time schedule. Until Thank You Lord that spring always follows every wintry season, literally and figuratively!!!

Lord God, thank You for this reader! Lord, fill this reader with awe and reverence at Your Presence. Fill this reader with Your joy. Fill this reader with confidence in who they are in Christ. Lord, for the reader who may not know You, may today be their day for salvation. In Jesus’s Name I pray…

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