‘Christology in Mark’s Gospel: Four Views’ – A Brief Review

The Amateur Exegete

Arguably, the central question of the Gospel of Mark is one that comes from the lips of the Markan Jesus himself: “Who do you say that I am?” (Mark 16:29) In the nearly two-thousand years since Mark wrote those words there have been myriad answers to that singular question. In the latest volume in Zondervan’s “Critical Points” series, Christology in Mark’s Gospel: Four Views, editor Anthony Le Donne of United Theological Seminary brings together four noteworthy scholars to debate the issue: Sandra Huebenthal, Larry Hurtado, J.R. Daniel Kirk, and Adam Winn. The format of the volume is easy to follow. First, each scholar presents their case for their view on Markan Christology. Then, the other contributors offer their own responses to each case. Finally, a rejoinder is made to the respondents by the original presenter.

Space does not permit a full examination of each presenter’s arguments and so I…

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