Accept Your Past

Grace for my Heart

It’s Narcissist Friday!

Recently I read about someone who had a tattoo she no longer wanted. It was someone’s name, I think. She went to a tattoo artist to see if it could be removed, but was told it would be both painful and costly. Even then, it would still be seen as a blemish or blotch. But the artist offered another option. He could use the existing tattoo in a new design. The old would still be there, but it would never be seen in the old way again.

I remember someone calling a tattoo a “permanent record of temporary insanity.” That usually gets an uncomfortable laugh, but there are many such “permanent records,” aren’t there? For some people, their child is such a record. Others bear physical handicaps because of a poor decision. Still others suffer under long and large debt, job restrictions, incarceration, family loss, and more…

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