Supporting those believers who seek to serve God beyond traditional church attendance.

Intentional Faith

Acts 2:42 “And they were persevering in the doctrine of the apostles, and in the communication of the breaking of bread, and in prayers.”

You are reading this for a reason. First, you believe in the Lordship of Jesus the Christ but may seek to live that life outside the walls of traditional church or you just want a more intimate and intentional faith.

We seek to provide that intentional walk via links in a text which will provide you with the following 3 minute or less nudges:

  • A daily nudge to talk to God.
  • A daily nudge to practice a spiritual discipline.
  • A weekly nudge to focus on the life and message of your Savior Jesus Christ.
  • A weekly nudge to share communion with your family and/or friends.

No one will contact you, offer to sell you anything or ask for support. This is our gift to you as…

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