What Does Sexual Reformation Look Like for Me?

Photo by Mario Nu00f6th on Pexels.com I’m in a church that ascribes to the brand of complementarianism your book is troubled by and I am a woman so I don’t get a lot of weight when it comes to how my church discusses these questions. What does seeking a sexual reformation look like for me? […]

What Does Sexual Reformation Look Like for Me?

One thought on “What Does Sexual Reformation Look Like for Me?

  1. Do you accept this person’s accusation at face value that she is marginalized because she is a woman? The bible says not to receive an accusation against an elder except on the testimony of two or three witnesses (1Tim 5:19). How much more when she accuses the entire leadership! Maybe she is just a crank. Maybe she just doesn’t like what the bible has to say about “complementarianism” or “patriarchy”. Maybe she is unstable and thinks she has found a sympathetic ear and some fellow malcontents.

    Your reply: “There it is. Weight. Value. Contribution. Reciprocity. Dignity. Personhood. It looks like being seen, having a voice, and being asked to use it because it is gift.” is missing one key word… “role”. You can have “Weight. Value. Contribution. Reciprocity. Dignity. Personhood.” and be assigned a subordinate role. In fact, the one who is assigned such a role will only realize their full “weight, value, dignity, personhood”, and can only make a “contribution” while functioning within the bounds of their station in life. Motherhood and managing the household under the headship of the husband is a glorious thing. It is only agreement with the discontent of our age that would cause one to view such a calling as anything less glorious that the male calling of director, provider, protector, priest and teacher.

    Remember the adage… “the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.” Women have a glorious calling in the Kingdom of God.


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