The Quality of Holiness

Jamin Bradley

The word “holy” is an adjective that belongs with God. But it is also a quality that is imparted to the things that God owns. For example, his land is called the “holy land.” It’s not holy for its moral quality, for land does not make moral choices. Rather, it has been consecrated and set apart as God’s physical space, so it belongs to him and should be treated in the holy way that God would treat it. It is holy because God is holy.

Likewise, you as a Christian, are holy. As sons and daughters of God, you have been consecrated and set apart. Since you belong with God, the quality of holiness belongs with you. Most translations will opt to call us “saints” throughout the New Testament, but the literal rendering of the Greek is, “holy ones.”

But before we go too far and say, “I’m holy because…

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