Waking the Gods: Sorcery, Alchemy, or Gift?

Eclectic Orthodoxy

“It is a source of constant vexation to me, as I am sure it must be to all of us,” David Bentley Hart whimsically remarks, “that philosophical theology pays such scant attention to root vegetables.”1 I confess that until I read this opening sentence of his essay “Waking the Gods,” I had never noticed this universal failure of to attend to root vegetables. But of course Hart is right. Search the library databanks. I daresay you will not find a single journal article by a Christian theologian that is devoted to the resplendent glory of potatoes, carrots, onions, or garlic. The neglect is inexplicable. Did not the Lord God Almighty ordain the potato to accompany a savory rib eye steak? Can we imagine a liverwurst sandwich without a slice of Bermuda onion? And without the tang of garlic (there can never be too much garlic), Italian tomato sauces would…

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