What does it mean to be baptized?

Grace for my Heart

It’s Monday Grace!

Prepare yourself. I am about to write something that might be unpopular.

Would you baptize an unbeliever, an unsaved person? If not, then how could baptism save anyone? Or how could baptism be a requirement for salvation? If the person who is baptized is already proclaiming faith in Jesus, then baptism cannot be required in order to be saved.

Now, I understand that my reasoning would not be accepted by some people or some churches. That’s okay. It’s just how I see things.

I have been in two very different denominations in my career. In the first one, baptism was given to infants because the church wasn’t quite certain that it didn’t save. In other words, while the official doctrine said that baptism was not necessary, the people were pretty convinced that getting a baby baptized took care of things with God as far as that child…

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