May 2022 Prayer

Blue Collar Theologian

Photo taken by Mandy Sweigart-Quinn.

Lord God, prepare us for this new month. Lord, whether we live in a place where it’s spring, fall, rainy season or dry, help us to love and serve You right where we are.

Lord God, when we aren’t surrounded by Big “I” we are inundated with digital “i” (and android). Help us Lord to not live for Big “I.” Lord God, convict us if we have made ourselves slaves to our digital devices. Lord God, help us to unplug more this month. Help us to take inventory of how we are using the web and social media this month.

Lord God, there is so much restlessness, anxiety and agitation in our world today. Help Your people Lord to trust and depend on You. Lord God, help us to be more concerned about sharing Your Word and defending Your Truth. There is so much negativity…

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