Book Review: Hope in an Anxious World (Helen Thorne)


Helen Thorne, an experienced counsellor and Director of Training and Resources at Biblical Counselling UK, has written a short book on anxiety. No thanks to the COVID pandemic of 2020 (and 2021, and 2022, and…), there was a massive rise in anxiety. As people lived life in isolation from others, they were lonely. There were forces they couldn’t resist, as well as the normal difficulties in life, but they had to face them without the closeness of many friends and family. There were constraints on how and where you could work or go to school, and worries about either you or loved ones getting infected and the social, financial, and personal results of that. Helen designed her book “to have words of encouragement for everyone who struggles with anxiety (and that’s most of us to a greater or lesser extent)” and to both show “real hope and take the…

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