Book Review: Changed Into His Likeness (J. Gary Millar)

Excellent review of a great book!!


How do people really change? Positive reinforcement? A good psychologist or therapist? New Years resolutions? Positive thinking? Reach for the stars? In the first chapter of his book, J. Gary Millar—Principal of Queensland Theological College—writes, “Personal change (or transformation) involves decisively altered behavior, consistently modified thinking, choices and decisions and permanently reshaped character” (4).

So how do we do this? For many, the answer isn’t so easy. As Millar notes, according to Baylor professor and psychologist Jeffrey Kottler in his introduction to the science of change, “The truth is that as much as we might think we understand about what helps people to improve their lives, we have barely scratched the surface” (3).

People don’t always know they need to change nor do they always want to change. Do we have enough willpower? Are our goals unrealistic? Do we believe such a change and all the work is actually…

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