Faithlife Verse of the Day

Isaiah 40:26 NET w/notes

40:26 Look up at the sky!49

Who created all these heavenly lights?50

He is the one who leads out their ranks;51

he calls them all by name.

Because of his absolute power and awesome strength,

not one of them is missing.

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49tn Heb “Lift on high your eyes and see.”
50tn The words “heavenly lights” are supplied in the translation for clarification. See the following lines.
51tn Heb “the one who brings out by number their host.” The stars are here likened to a huge army that the Lord leads out. Perhaps the next line pictures God calling roll. If so, the final line may be indicating that none of them dares “go AWOL.” (“AWOL” is a military acronym for “absent without leave.”)

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