What does it mean to face judgment?

Grace for my Heart

It’s Monday Grace!

It is interesting that most believers fear the judgment far more than most unbelievers.

Of course, unbelievers would claim not to be afraid of something they don’t believe in. Believers, on the other hand, know the judgment is coming but forget that it isn’t for them.

Many churches give regular altar calls during Sunday morning services even though there may be no unbelievers present. Preachers have to cultivate a fear of judgment just to have something to preach about. So, believers are afraid, while unbelievers are not.

I suspect this is the reason we have so many strange ideas about the judgment. The Spirit has made us aware of our sin and has drawn us to Jesus. In Jesus we found salvation, but the church system doesn’t allow us to let go of our sin. Sunday after Sunday, teaching after teaching, our sin is lifted up for…

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