Things I Do and Don’t Understand – Bruce the Sheep

Reasoned Cases For Christ

There are an awful lot of things that I do not understand, things that when I look back on, make me marvel at the grace of God, that has been given to me, so many many times, when the last thing I deserved was God’s grace. When I consider how different things could have been, had some of the things that I pursued, been allowed to move forward, to my own anticipated end. Of course, what we anticipate what will come to be, and what actually happens, is not always one and the same.

I think most of us have some amount of baggage, perceptions that were formed in us, because of what we were exposed to, plus our own inclination to remedy these perceptions, by focusing on fulfilling our own self centred needs. I know I certainly did. That would be myself (the blind) leading myself (the blind) years…

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