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By thepatrologist

Upcoming classes!

(I stopped doing posts simply about upcoming classes, mostly to reduce clutter, but I realise some people read this blog but do not get updates on my courses via other means. So, I’ll make a habit of doing a regular post before each term, and then deleting it subsequently)

I have a range of classes beginning next week, and I’d love you to come and get a healthy dose of Latin or Ancient Greek with me. Courses on offer include:


Greek 101 (Thursday) and Greek 101 (Sunday) – Intro classes working with Athenaze from chapter 1. Get started speaking from day 1.

Greek 103 – A continuing cohort working with Athenaze from ch 12.

Greek 184 : LGPSI+ 4 – a free-wheeling class focused on developing new LGPSI content/stories as well as conversational ability

Greek 272 : Plato II – in which we read Plato’s dialogues. Currently about to start Meno

Greek 282 : Greek composition 3 – A class for developing (creative) writing skills in ancient Greek

Greek 313 : Basil – Come and read Basil of Caesarea’s take on the place of Hellenistic learning in 4th century Christian paideia.


Latin 103 – A continuing group working with Familia Romana, starting at ch 22. (A new 101 cohort will start in October)

Latin 207 : CS Lewis’ Latin Letters – Read the Latin correspondence of CS Lewis.

Latin 232: Dhuoda – The instructions of a Carolingian noblewoman to her sons.

Other things:

  • If you can get a group of at least 2 people, I can put together a custom course to suit your needs.
  • I have a limited number of scholarships available, if finances or other circumstances put these beyond your reach. Contact me to find out more.
  • If you’re unsure of what might be a best fit for you, I’m happy to arrange a chat to discuss your background, needs, and goals in language learning.


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