Matthew 5:27-30 Adultery and Lust

Reading Acts

adulteryJesus also extends the seventh commandment to include far more than sex outside of marriage. His method is generally the same as for murder in the previous section. It is not just the action of adultery that is the problem but the thought process behind it. If murder starts with an angry heart, adultery starts with a wandering eye. Adultery does not happen by accident, there is a period of temptation that occurs before the actual action itself.  Jesus points to that and says that the thinking itself is a problem, and is worthy of the same punishment as the action itself.

Other Second Temple period writers discussed the problem of adultery and also concluded that the eye is where adultery starts. For example, in the Testament of Issachar, the writer says on “I am a hundred and twenty-two years old, and I am not aware of having committed…

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Book Plunge: Apologetics Beyond Reason

Deeper Waters

What do I think of James Sire’s latest? Let’s talk about it on Deeper Waters.

James Sire has been a vanguard in apologetics for several years. He was doing apologetics when most of us didn’t even know what it was and is part of what has been called the first wave of American apologists in our modern times. For review purposes, IVP sent me a copy of his book “Apologetics Beyond Reason.”

In this one, Sire looks at works of literature and makes the argument that literature points us to God. This is a position that I do agree with. In fact, I agree with Sire that in reality, everything that we see in some ways points us to God and too often we get caught up in looking at the pointer instead of what it is pointing to.

I also appreciate when I read Sire on these kinds of…

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Eerdmans All Over: October 3, 2014


Welcome once again to Eerdmans All Over, a Friday roundup of all the Eerdmans-related news, reviews, interviews, and other interesting online content we can gather in a given week.

New Releases

Between the Beginning and the End: A Radical Kingdom Vision
J. H. Bavinck

The Sheep Go on Strike
Jean-François Dumont

News from Eerdmans . . .

  • It’s been a quiet week at Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Company.

. . . and elsewhere.

  • This week, Kirkus revealed the finalists for the first ever Kirkus Prize, and in the category of Young Readers’ Literature is our very own The Right Word by Jen Bryant and Melissa Sweet! From the eighteen finalists (six for each category) there will be three winners of the Kirkus Prize, each winning $50,000, in the categories of Fiction, Nonfiction, and Young Readers’ Literature.The Gospel of the Lord Read more about it on the New York Times’s Artsbeat blog.
  • The Right Word

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My Shemitah Problem


Rabbi Jonathan Cahn has written a new book called The Mystery of the Shemitah. Many don’t understand it and some are asking questions so the purpose of this article is to try to explain some things. But before I do, I want to say that I haven’t read the book. I have only read articles about the book so what I have read could be wrong or I could misunderstand it.

God made a covenant to give all of the Promised Land to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and their descendants forever (Gen. 17:7-8, 18-21; Gen. 28:13; 35:10-12). But before they entered the Promised Land, God told Moses to:

“Speak unto the children of Israel, and say unto them, ‘When ye come into the land which I give you, then shall the land keep a sabbath unto the LORD. Six years thou shalt sow thy field, and six years thou…

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Samuel at Gilgal

Charles H. SpurgeonCharles H. Spurgeon:

“Men may change their churches and only change their refuge of lies. But if they come to Christ, whatever church they are in, if they have found Him and are trusting in Him and in Him, alone, their peace will be like a river and their righteousness as the waves of the sea!” (1892, Sermon #2271)

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Theological Impatience

Insomniac memos

I thought this was a helpful post.  And a word of encouragement:

Theological impatience is everywhere, and we do ourselves no favours if we capitulate to the easy-answer, emotivist, two-half-points-and-an-accusation style of discourse that characterises the social media generation. That means reading thoughtfully, writing slowly, thinking thoroughly, and above all, expounding the scriptures carefully.

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A Christian response to fear mongering

Possessing the Treasure

by Mike Ratliff

Today I was reading a friend’s post on Facebook in which he had linked to an article by FOX News in which a military expert on one of their news shows had responded to a threat by ISIS to call all home grown terrorists in the United States to “attack the families of American military with extreme slaughter.” The expert said that if this happens the response would be that we would make an end of ISIS. I pondered what that would mean and then another person I did not know jumped in and commented, “ISIS is the rod of God and could not be made and end of…” He then said that God hated America and ISIS would soon make and end of it. I responded that he was “fear mongering.” He said that I was in denial. I told him that ISIS said all that…

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