Top Ten Books Read in 2015 Exegesis and Theology

Shared from Exegesis and Theology a snippet.   Block, Daniel I. For the Glory of God: Recovering a Biblical Theology of Worship. Grand Rapids: Baker, 2014. This is a warm, biblically grounded study of worship that does an excellent job of movin… Source: Top Ten Books Read in 2015


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Last year the word was “Fulfillment.”  During the year my family and I got to see many events come to pass.  One of which was seeing my first book published. Ten years ago I began a journey to develop a tool that would help anyone go through The New…

The only basis for pastoring

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A pastor holds a delicate position in society. His job is to get his people into right relationship with God. He must not confuse his will with God’s will. Because he speaks the word of God in the name of God, he can mistakenly think everything he says is…