Happy 2016!

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God, bless to me the new year, Never vouchsafed to me before; It is to bless Thine own presence Thou hast given me this time, O God. Bless Thou to me mine eye, May mine eye bless all it sees I will bless my neighbour, May my neighbour bless me.…

Biblical Studies Carnival – December 2015

Welcome to the December 2015 Biblical Studies Carnival! I hope everyone’s had a great holiday season. If you’re reading this on January 1, then your new year is off to a great start! As is typical of December, the biblioblogdom was pretty quite last month. However, surprisingly, there was a mountain of book reviews and…

An Open Letter to You in 2016: The Same Old Message for a Brand New Year

Shared from The Cripplegate As we enter the beginning of the New Year, many people are reflecting on the previous year and how they’ve lived their lives, and are making resolutions and determinations to live better in t… Source: An Open Letter to You in 2016: The Same Old Message for a Brand New Year

New Year – Five Books for the Renewal of the Church

TheWeeFlea.com Happy New Year! May 2016 be a year of renewal, revival and reformation for the church throughout the world!    The following is my New Year article for Christian Today   It includes a list of my top five books for 2015. “When I look at my sins (and if I think they’re sins, then theyContinue reading “New Year – Five Books for the Renewal of the Church”

Happy 2016

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New years aren’t always easy. Sometimes we’re facing some unknown. Perhaps we lost someone we love and thinking about going forward without them is hard. Sometimes we have little to look forward to. Or so we think. Many times we simply have put our eyes on the…

Congratulations to Ken Brown

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A few months ago, I reviewed Ken Brown’s The Vision in Job 4 and Its Role in the Book: Reframing the Development of the Joban Dialogues. Recently, he was awarded for the Manfred Lautenschlaeger Award for Theological Promise. That said, congratulations to Ken Brown!

Barth, Wright and Election

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Karl Barth and N.T. Wright do not typically make good bedfellows. There are a number of significant and (possibly) insurmountable differences between the two in terms of both methodology and theology. There are, however, at least a few interesting and perhaps not insignificant areas of concord between the two, and…

Best of the Blog 2015

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Here are some of the most-viewed posts/posts I enjoyed the most that I wrote this year, excluding my note-taking posts (I was going to try and do a recap of the books I’ve gotten/read this year but I really have completely forgotten exactly which ones I’ve acquired in 2015): It’s…