The Cloud Rider

Shared from Spoiledmilks, a snippet of Lindsay’s excellent review of Dr. Mike S Heiser’s amazing book The Unseen Realm.   One of the biggest enemies of God’s people was another god called Baal. Israel was a monotheistic community, but they usually didn’t live like it. Baal was the storm and fertility god. So if hisContinue reading “The Cloud Rider”

Brief response to Scot McKnight’s latest

Shared from Dr. Chris Tilling’s blog, a snippet of this excellent review! I’m a big fan of Tom Wright even if I’m largely convinced by certain apocalyptic readings of Paul. So I am invested in these conversations at numerous levels. Here’s a few thoughts, then, in response to Scot McKnight’s most recent review post ofContinue reading “Brief response to Scot McKnight’s latest”

Book Review | Crazy Little Thing Called Marriage

Shared from Heather C King, a snippet, book review. Crazy Little Thing Called Marriage by Greg Smalley and Erin Smalley Greg and Erin Smalley share what they call 12 Secrets for a Lifelong Romance in their new book, Crazy Little Thing Called Marriage.   Each chapter offers up a tip/secret/marriage principle, such as honoring one another,Continue reading “Book Review | Crazy Little Thing Called Marriage”

And He Struggled With the Angel

Shared from Spoiledmilks, a snippet of this excellent book review!   Since I didn’t want you to think The Unseen Realm was only about Nephilim, I wanted to write about the Trinity as seen in the Old Testament. Last time I looked at the blurring between the Angel of YHWH and YHWH himself in GenesisContinue reading “And He Struggled With the Angel”

Book Review: A Reader’s Greek New Testament (3d ed)

Shared from Eis Doxan, a snippet of this excellent review.   Zondervan has recently released the third edition of its Reader’s Greek New Testament and I will say, having used it for a little while now, it is a noticeable improvement over the previous edition. On the one hand, there are no drastic changes. TheContinue reading “Book Review: A Reader’s Greek New Testament (3d ed)”

Rafael Rodriguez Reviews My Reading John (Skinner)

Shared from Crux Solar, a snippet of this review.   Many thanks to Rafael Rodriguezfor offering such a kind review of my recent book,Reading John over at the Jesus Blog. I appreciate him taking the time to give it a fair hearing. Also, it’s always gratifying when someone ‘gets’ what you’re trying to do…. Source:Continue reading “Rafael Rodriguez Reviews My Reading John (Skinner)”

Book Review: Understanding the Times (Myers and Noebel)

Shared from Pursuing Veritas, a snippet of this excellent review.   Every so often a book comes along and truly rewrites the paradigms of a field. Some twenty-five years ago, David Noebel penned such a book, titled Understanding the Times. In this 900-page tome Noebel outlined the clash between competing worldviews – ways of viewingContinue reading “Book Review: Understanding the Times (Myers and Noebel)”

Review: Philippians (Mentor)

Shared from Spoiledmilks, a snippet, excellent review.   In signing up for my first Bible college semester in York, one of the classes to be taught by my (now) good friend Lindsay Kennedy was Job. Since Job is a big book, I knew that by taking it as a semester class I would get at leastContinue reading “Review: Philippians (Mentor)”

Book Review: ‘Crucified and Resurrected’, by Ingolf U. Dalferth

Shared from Theologians Inc., a snippet, excellent review.   In ‘Crucified and Resurrected: Resurrecting the Grammar of Christology’, Ingolf Dalferth seeks to show that christology is, first and foremost, about God, and not, as has been traditionally assumed, the Incarnation. This is a densely argued volume that requires (but repays) close reading, and even afterContinue reading “Book Review: ‘Crucified and Resurrected’, by Ingolf U. Dalferth”