Dear Logos…

Zwinglius Redivivus

There are two collections which need to be published before the end of December, or I will die.  That’s right, if they aren’t out- I will be killed.  My life is literally in your hands.

First- the Dictionary of Classical Hebrew.  If it isn’t available by the end of the year, I’ll die.  I think we have established that.

And second, this one.  Listen to what Luther (yes, that Luther) had to say about it-

I am, therefore, very pleased with these … because they remain faithful to the Gospel with such succinctness, precision, and purity, and I think they would be beneficial even if they were simply read aloud, word for word, to the people. For the common man must have such a clear and succinct explanation, if he is to remember anything of the Gospel. And I would like to see … all the Epistle lessons in the…

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