Fun Facts From Church History: Luther’s Lectures on Genesis

Zwinglius Redivivus


luther 99… launched his Lectures on Genesis the very next day, Tuesday, June 1, 1535, rather than on June 8, the date usually given (cf. Luther’s Works, 15, p. 75, note 1). For the next several weeks his lectures proceeded on the basis of his preparatory notes and outlines, which he had worked out up to Gen. 3:14.

From the status of Veit Dietrich’s notebooks on these lectures it appears that Luther was lecturing on Gen. 3:14 when an outbreak of the plague interrupted his lectures in July of 1535. The University of Wittenberg was transferred to Jena on July 18 as a result of the plague; therefore Luther did not lecture on Monday, July 19, as he had been scheduled to do.

It is not clear just when the university returned to Wittenberg or when classes were resumed. Luther, it seems, did not resume his Lectures on Genesis until January…

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