The Gospels: Reading List

Liam Thatcher

Last week I began teaching a series of seminars at ChristChurch London called Theology Matters: The Gospels. Each term in 2015 we will spend four weeks looking in depth at the stories of Jesus’ life, examining the major themes and unpacking some of the most difficult sections. You can find out more about what we’ll cover here, and we’ll be putting up recordings here.

I put together a reading list to accompany the series. I’ve no doubt we’ll recommend plenty more resources as we go through and address particular topics like the parables, Torah, miracles and so on. But this is probably more than enough to get you going! Here are my suggestions, with some comments about each.

Reference Books

Not strictly on the gospels, but immensely helpful nonetheless is Gordon Fee and Douglas Stuart’s How to Read the Bible for all its Worth, which lays out helpful principles for how…

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