Does the Existence of Evil Prove or Disprove God?

Thomistic Bent

Many have used the existence of evil in the world to try to argue that an all-powerful, all-good God does not exist. The line of reasoning usually goes something like this:

1. If there is an all-powerful and all-good God then no evil exists.
2. Evil exists.
3. Therefore an all-powerful and wholly good God does not exist.

Sometimes another conclusion is added:

4. If a God does exist that allows evil, he would not be worthy of worship.

Few people will actually deny premise 2. Although such atheists as Richard Dawkins tell us that the universe has no evil nor good, they turn right around and call religion evil. The focus is instead on premise one, arguing that an all-powerful and all-good God would not allow evil such as we witness regularly in the world. The practical, everyday conclusion by many is:

1a. Since evil exists, God must not…

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