Are you serious?

The Lions Den

‘I have more love than Paul.’ (the apostle Paul)

‘I have more character than Paul.’

‘I tower above God.’

Image result for john mcEnroe tennis are you serious?

Yes, this unholy trinity of quotes are from people having  conversations regarding a God who does not exist; a man who was a liar, and the scriptures which are fraudulent. Ouch.

Oh the unfettered arrogance and confederacy of minds apart from  God. All three references are from the same dregs of this thing called unbelief.

There is no need to source these, as many others will also claim them, but I truly wonder if it is possible for such folks to see their embarrassing words in another light: one of petulance, insolence, and foolish pride, which even the most hardened of fools would be hesitant to say such things.

Leaving God out of the mix for a moment, what kind of person could utter such things, and be serious…. to say…

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