The New Issue and Sweet Potatoes

Watch Your Life and Doctrine Closely...

It seems like everyone and their dog is hearing “the voice of God” these days.  “Hearing the voice of God” used to be the mark of a prophet of God, but over the last century or so, it’s slowly become the mark of a mature believer.   These days, once “conservative” folk like Beth Moore think that God speaks to them…not in audible voices, but propositional statements (and ultimately the audible/inaudible distinction is meaningless).   The issue of “hearing the voice of God” is probably the most significant infiltration of bad Charismatic theology into non-Charismatic circles.  It’s a train-load of insanity and heresy steaming through Evangelicalism, and it seems like there’s no stopping it; part of the danger of this idea is that it’s seemingly immune to both scripture and logic.  As illustration of that, I recently was doing some historical research into the foundation of Assemblies of God. …

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