Can These Bones Live? – An Easter Message for the Church in Scotland

Ezekiel had it tough. About 2600 years ago he was asked to prophesy to the people of Israel about the destruction of Jerusalem and their temple. It wasn’t exactly the easiest job in the world. At one point ‘the hand of the Lord’ was upon him and the Spirit of God took him out and set him in the middle of a valley of dry bones.   God asked him – can these bones live? Ezekiel gave the spiritually correct answer – “Sovereign Lord, you alone know”.   God then told him to go and prophesy to the bones ‘Dry bones, hear the word of the Lord”. (Ezekiel 37)

In Scotland today we ask the same question.

As I wander the streets, listen to the conversations on the buses, read the newspapers, am tweeted and facebooked continually, I am convinced that we are so often in a valley of dry bones. And…

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