The Elephant in the Election – Why can’t Secular Politicians Cope with Islam?

It’s a beautiful Spring day today so I am heading off for a 30 mile cycle round Dundee.  But I post this before I leave.  With some degree of trepidation.  Its my latest post on the Christian Today website.   I believe that this is a vital area in the UK election and that most of our politicians are not seeing it.  I don’t agree with Islamaphobia but I think it is foolish for our politicians and media not recognise that Islam is a political system which seeks to destroy and take over the Western system.  I would be interested to hear your thoughts.

The text is below:

In the current UK election there is one subject which is vital to the whole future of Britain, and yet it is hardly mentioned, other than in vague soundbites. Not the economy, nor the question of Scottish independence, nor the future…

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