Studies in Eschatology [3]


Out With the Old, In With the New

The key factor separating the main eschatological systems is the hermeneutics employed to interpret scripture.

Hermeneutics is a fancy way to describe the principles or rules a person uses to study the Bible so as to determine and understand what it says.

Now, one would think every Christian would be in agreement as to the hermeneutics we use when studying the Bible. For the most part Christians are. Yet, when it comes to certain aspects of church polity and eschatology there is an obvious disagreement. What makes understanding those disagreements even more difficult is when the disagreeing groups all acknowledge the authority of God’s Word and sincerely seek to utilize similar hermeneutics to defend their conclusions.

For example, all groups pretty much affirm the need to approach Scripture with the historic-grammatical method of exegesis. That being, in order to properly understand a…

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