Twenty Ways to Answer A Fool [15]


Is Christianity Homophobic?

I continue with my review of Chaz Bufe, blues guitar playing Christian hater, and his 20 Reasons to Abandon Christianity.

With his next point, Chaz charges the Christian faith with promoting and engaging in homophobia. Because Chaz’s descriptions of Christian homophobia are a bit crass, I will not reproduce them in full, but direct readers here if they are interested in viewing them.

Like all of Chaz’s previous complaints against Christianity, he demonstrates an embarrassing lack of understanding of what it is he criticizes.

He begins by launching an attack against the book of Leviticus and the specific laws by which the people of Israel were to be governed. Chaz’s reaction to those laws is to say they were unnecessarily harsh rules against what he describes as trivial offenses. The “trivial” offenses he lists as illustrations from the book of Leviticus include adultery, bestiality, high-handed rebellion…

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