Review: Deep Exegesis

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Can we reproduce the apostles’ exegesis? Some say, for the most part, no. “Where that exegesis is based on a revelatory stance, or where it evidences itself to be merely cultural, or where it shows itself to be circumstantial or ad hominem in nature, ‘No.’ Where, however, it treats the Old Testament in more literal fashion, following the course of what we speak of today as historico-grammatical exegesis, ‘Yes.’ Our commitment as Christians is to the reproduction of the apostolic faith and doctrine, and not necessarily to the specific apostolic exegetical practices” (33).

How are we to interpret the Bible? How are we supposed to know our reading is correct if we can’t always follow the apostles’ methods? Isn’t the historico-grammatical method the only way to correctly interpret the Bible? Leithart challenges the strict historico-grammatical structure and brings us back to a time of the patristic authors.


Leithart finds meaning…

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