Abram in Egypt, Genesis 12:10-20


I hope you are enjoying summer. Despite lingering smoke from lots of wildfires here in the northwest, our family has enjoyed a full summer of sports, outdoor activities, and good times with family and friends. We recently celebrated my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary. Congratulations Dad & Mom! And Happy 49th Anniversary to my second parents (in-laws)! We are blessed to have godly examples in our lives.

This is the second part to last week’s post, Abram’s Call, Genesis 1-9. In summary, Abram obeys God by journeying to Canaan (Shechem). He then sets up camp between Ai and Bethel where he worships God. But when a severe famine strikes, Abram detours to Egypt: a land of plenty for both food and good land for his flocks.

You may read Genesis 12:10-20 here: Bible Gateway

Why would God call Abram to a land of famine?

Commentators say this was a test…

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