Daily Devotionals: (14th Sept.) Meditations on the Fall of Peter

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Tempted and Then Accused by Satan


Is the nature of women more inquisitive or more malignant, that amongst so many other servants a woman should begin the second accusation? The devil will double a weak temptation, if it has proved prosperous. The first maid tempted Peter by questioning him, the second by accusing him to the other servants. Those who are apt to tempt are apt to accuse; these are the devil’s two instruments as he works the ruin of mankind. He first tempts a man to sin and then accuses him before God. He is both the tempter and the accuser (Revelation 12:10).

After he has tempted a man to sin he then accuses him to the brethren without and his own conscience within. Brethren, when you feel an assault, begin also to feel the accusation and learn to prevent the devil’s malice by resisting the temptation.

Dr. Edward…

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