On This Day In Messianic Jewish History

santo_nino1 Picture of the Holy Child of La Guardia in annual procession every September 27 in the town of Toledo.

“For centuries there had been tales that during Holy Week the Jews crucified a Christian child in the same way that they had crucified Christ. This time it was believed – not by the inquisitors, whom it was difficult to deceive, but by the people. The story of the Holy Child of La Guardia was the pretext with which those who were demanding the expulsion of the Jews extorted the consent of Isabel:”, Pierre Chaunu, 1492. L’année de L’Espagne, L’Histoire


In June 1490, a roving carder, a converso named Benito Garcia, aged 60, a native of the town of La Guardia, was stopped in Astorga in the province of León. [From “The Jew As Witch: Displaced Aggression and the Myth of the Santo Niño de La Guardia” by Stephen Haliczer]


A consecrated Host [communion wafer]…

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