27 September 1849 Death of Philipp Saphir #otdimjh

On This Day In Messianic Jewish History


Saphir, Philipp, an elder brother of Adolph, was rather inclined to worldliness, but became serious when there was an inundation in Pesth [Budapest], and he had tried to save life. [Bernstein: Some Jewish Witnesses]

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In 1842 Rev. Dr. Schwartz passed through Pesth on his way to Constantinople, and Philipp heard his addresses to Jews, and was impressed, becoming conscious of sin and the need of pardon. He was baptized in the Calvinistic Church of Pesth, in 1843, by Superintendent Paul Török. He wrote [448] afterwards to Mr. Schwartz:


“I was admitted into the Church of Christ. I cannot describe my feelings to you. Ah! the infinite love of God! He has given me much peace, nothing will deprive me of it. I am happy, joyful; my soul is with God. I praise Christ every hour.” He then, being nineteen years of age, went to Carlsruhe to be trained as…

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