Birth of a New Church – Montrose Nov 1st 2015

“We are pleased to announce the arrival of a new church in Angus.  Grace Church was born on 1st November 2015, at 11am in the Scout Jubilee Hall, Montrose.  Weighing in at 50 people it is hoped that she will grow in such a way that Christ will be her, so that his name may be glorified”

The Birth of a New Church

Yesterday yours truly and David Meredith drove up the coast road from Dundee to Montrose, to participate in the birth of a new church, Grace Church, Montrose. It was a beautiful drive in the glorious Angus sunshine, with the colours of autumn still magnificent.   We did not really know what to expect and so it was with a mixture of apprehension and excitement that we found our way to the Scott Jubilee Hall in the centre of the town.

2015-11-01 10.48.312015-11-01 10.21.21

It was a wonderful morning. The folks in Montrose…

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