MHT: Theological Critiques of Modern History

Pursuing Veritas

This post is part of an ongoing series reflecting on the appropriate approach to and method for historical theology.

Gustavo Guitierrez Gustavo Guitierrez

A number of theologically active Postmodern critiques have arisen in recent decades as well, most notably Liberation, Feminist, and Postcolonial Theologies. Founded by Gustavo Gutierrez, Liberation Theology places an emphasis on salvation, God’s work in history, and concern for the poor. Feminist models of historical reconstruction employ familiar categories—such as family structures—in order to problematize patriarchal categories and demonstrate the possibility of egalitarian historical interaction.[26] For some, however, common Postmodern critiques do not go far enough in removing themselves from the parameters and assumptions of Modernism. Such is the perspective of Justo Gonzalez, who advocates “extramodernity,” the perspective of the “many voices and perspectives that modernity either ignored or patronized and that postmodernity still patronizes and ignores.”[27]

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