28 November 1830 Grotesque Russification “conversion law” offers financial inducements #otdimjh

On This Day In Messianic Jewish History


On November 28, 1830 the law “on the facilities granted to Jews in the region of Bessarabia who accepted Christianity” was passed (Levanda, 1874: 286-287). According to this law, all Christian Jews in Bessarabia received the right not to pay any taxes or benefits throughout life. It seems that the Russian authorities understood that the climate of assimilation, particularly in Bessarabia, was very weak, and decided to give an impetus to improve it. Tihonov A. K. stated that Jews who converted to Christianity received an allowance from 15 to 30 rubles, children got half of that amount (Tihonov, 2007: 190).

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Although slow, the process of converting Jews from one of the many varieties of Christianity started. With the lapse of time, it was noted that this conversion was false. Even being baptized and receiving some concessions that were granted in this case, the Jews remained faithful to their religion. As…

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