1st December 1883 Jacob Lotka reaches Bushire in Persia #otdimjh

On This Day In Messianic Jewish History

Persian feast, Bushire, Persia

Gidney records:

Passing through several towns and villages, Lotka reached Shiraz, the capital of Fars, after eighteen days’ travelling. There the chief rabbi actually helped him to distribute his New Testaments and tracts. Bushire was reached on December 1st, and Lotka preached in the synagogue of the Jews. He arrived at Bagdad next, on December 17th, thus completing a journey which had lasted four months, during which he had distributed 500 New Testaments, and 1,500 books and tracts.

Lotka was not only a pioneering missionary with CMJ – he also had a special bond  with Bernstein, as the two were baptised together on the same day

Lotka, Rev. J., a native of Russian Poland, where he was brought up by his parents in strict orthodoxy, but as he arrived at the age of discretion, he somehow managed to study, besides Hebrew and the Talmud, [343] the Polish and the German languages. Becoming acquainted…

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