Government Extremist Threat to Christian Freedom

This article appeared on the Premier Christianity Website

Why the Government’s anti-extremism plans are the biggest threat to church freedom in 100 years

They mean well. They really do. They want to stop British children being radicalised by Islamic extremists and prevent suicide bombers in Birmingham, Glasgow or London. They are embarrassed that there are more British muslims serving with ISIS than there are in the British army. And so the government rightly want to act. But they don’t know how to. They don’t want to appear to be targeting muslims, because that might increase tensions and act as a recruiting aid for the extremists. So with the best will in the world the government is coming up with anti-extremism plans which will target every religion. Their intentions are good, but the road to totalitarianism is paved with good intentions.

The plans drawn up by the Department for Education aim…

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