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God [elohim] has taken his place in the divine council;

         In the midst of the gods [elohim] he holds judgment (Ps 82.1, ESV)

If God is “elohim” and holds judgment in the midst of the gods (who are also “elohim”), what do we make of this? “Psalm 82 states that the gods were being condemned as corrupt in their administration of the nations of the earth” (12, cf. Deut. 32.8).

15 years later, Dr. Michael Heiser aims to provide an “unfiltered look at what the Bible really says about the unseen realm.” Many Christians are fine believing in the spiritual realm where God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, angels, and demons reside. But often if you go beyond that, they become skeptical. Heiser has researched the Ancient near eastern cultures and their writings to grasp the mindset of the ancient Israelite. How differently did they think about the…

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