Emotional Abandonment..

See, there's this thing called biology...

Reading through some comments over at Must Be This Tall to Ride, I’m really struck by what a powerful trigger emotional abandonment is for many women. To not listen, to not hear, to not respect your wife’s feelings, is such a huge betrayal. The process seems to go, “he’s not here for me, so why is he here at all?”

Judging from some of the criticism coming Matt’s way, there seems to be people in the world that still don’t get this. It’s huge! Women tend to carry too much emotional weight and to just dismiss her as irrational, crazy, not worth listening to, is either going to cause her to suffer complete emotional collapse….. or her need for self preservation will kick in and she’ll offload you. It’s that simple and it’s that harsh.

Studies suggest that contempt is the leading cause of divorce. Contempt is the opposite of…

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